Birmingham startups lead the way in creating VR training for university students

Birmingham startup FourPlus, with partners Holosphere and Aston University, have been awarded funding from Innovate UK to create and test a virtual reality (VR) training platform for university life science students.

Advanced therapies are transforming medicine. Technology innovations have the power to unlock the full potential of these cell, gene and tissue therapies.

FourPlus create state of the art immersive technologies for the medicines manufacturing community, including the advanced therapies sector. These immersive solutions are helping to bridge the innovation gap that will transform operations design, training and collaboration for R&D and manufacturing in modern medicine.

Facility and process mapping

Immersive workflow design that takes into account operator interactions for efficient capacity planning.

Workforce management and training

XR technology for streamlined tech transfer, operator training and documentation.

Data visualisation and connectivity

Innovation in data visualisation for enhanced user interfacing and collaboration.

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